Sunday, January 17, 2010

yay, Col erase pencils

I finally found some col erase pencils locally. They're a store brand but seem to do the job :)

 Here's some preston blair pics I tried with them (not particularly accurate):

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More practice

I've been focussing mainly on Vilppu's life drawing book the last couple of weeks (and also a few drawings from a Don Bluth Video). I did do some more Blair / 40s practice yesterday though:

I defintely noticed some things with the overlays that I didn't notice before hand.
They include:
  • too stretched on the coy pic
  • eye ear and nose misplaced on the Knocked out
  • nose and tounge out further on the contempt
  • smaller chin and longer mouth on the angry
  • right eye way too out and straight on the awe
  • mouth more right on the surprized ones

The smile one was pretty close.

I also did some more in pencil, which I prefer to my cintiq:

Finally Here are a couple of attempts at Tom on my Cintiq. It came out better the second time. I'm not sure about the digital inking attempt though.