Sunday, December 6, 2009

THe Points of all this

I've been reading the top cat contruction posts here are some important quotes from that by John K:

  • When I am learning something, I tend to draw stiff, because I am thinking about what I am trying to learn. The drawings don't come out all pretty with clean flowing lines and stuff.
         When you study, you are trying to be accurate, as opposed to
         beautiful and flowing.

         Once you have done your stiff drawings, you can loosen up a bit
         and then try again from memory and see if what you learned sunk
  •  I always write notes when I study something so that what I observe sticks with me.
      • The point of copying is not just to copy but to understand what is happening in the things you are copying: and then to apply them to your own work
      Here, Rodrigo did a careful study of a toy and what it looks like from different angles. This is a great thing to do - IF you then apply some of what you observed to your cartoons.

      Rodrigo also sometimes does careful construction studies from classic cartoons - also a good thing - if you then apply it to your own work.

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