Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Applied exercises*

Ok, I am going to start adding applied exercises to this blog also. In a sense, I think this is what all the lessons are pointing towards. John wants us to get to the stage where we can "apply the same principles to your own drawings at will".

I don't think only copying will get me there though. Whenever I attempt a drawing without copying I'm still at a similar stage to what I was before. I think you also need to practice applying.

Here are some of the tools I have been learning that I will be attempting to apply:

1) Construction (the most important)
2) lines of action
3) visualising drawings in 3D, maintaining volumes.
4) protruding/ intruding construction (lesson 6)
5) checking spaces (negative and positive)
6) exaggeration and contrast

I'm sure there are plenty more (silhouettes is one). I'll add these as I go.

Here are examples of the types of applied exercises I'll be attempting:

    •    drawings from memory
    •    new poses
    •    inbetweening via logical construction (not copying)
    •    making new characters
    •    short animations

I'll still be doing plenty of the regular lessons too (with overlay checks). You need both. ;)

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