Thursday, November 5, 2009

Squishy Dog Overlays

I'm really keen to do some different drawings now. Here are my squishy dog overlays.

This first one was pretty accurate to begin with. On the reattempt it seems that I just swapped the inaacuricies I had previously for some different ones.

 On this next one there was a lot to correct from my lesson one pencil drawing. However, my reattempted construction was quite inaccurate in length. I readjusted the main drawing to compensate, as I didn't realize until half way through it (when things started to look quite off). It came out good in the end though.

On this next one, the reattempted construction came out poor again, so I traced out the construction from the original drawing and copied that insted. It made it much easier and helped out my understanding too. I was able to do the final drawing so quickly and accurately once I was confident that the construction was exact (even less doubts than copying from PB's construction) .

I attempted construction in this one first, before doing the tracing construction trick and correcting my errors. I came out pretty good, Teeth, eyes ears and collar (ie bits with no construction basis) seem to be my biggest weakness with these side angles.

Final drawing, whew. I was surprized how accurate the original pencil drawing I did for this was. I did't do a construction trace and copy for the redo this time, but I did use some relative angle and proportion measurements. I'm glad the angle of the teeth was correct (even it they were too low). :)

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