Monday, November 9, 2009


Some more full body construction. I occasionally check my construcion and accuracy as I go (via comparing to scale side by side and overlays). Hope that's a good idea. This first one was done on paper. Shame the head angle was so far off.

This next one was done really quick and without a lot of checking. I was burnt out with too much checking previously. I'm quite pleased with how accurate it was concidering.

This one's pretty good. I didn't put construction around the head or body or use a line of action. I just forgot to for some reason.

Bugs using a head height grid. I did put the construction in this time and you can see how I used other lines to check the hight of other parts.

Here's bugs's construction. Naturally, it was all the vertical parts that were off (concidering how much horizontal checking there was).

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