Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pre Squishy Dog

Ok I've done 5 more of these and now I'm up to the squash and stretch page (expect it soon). I'm getting more accurate, but it still takes a long time (like a half hour or hour for an accurate pic). I definately notice myself getting more efficient as I go though.

This first one I used the drawing I did from lesson one to critique and overlay. Man there were tons of inacurracies. However my redo attempt was a lot better. . It's great to see improvement already. :)

The forehead on my first attemp at this was huge. Still a few small inaccuricies the second time, but much better.

I found this fox really tricky to get right. I put a couple of extra lines on the original to judge the form better for my 3rd attempt construction. Maybe I shoulda tried something similar for the left side as it was still a tad big. I can't beleive I didn't notice how big the 2nd attempts nose was until the overlay. The 3rd attempt at this was done after the goat.

 Pretty good :)

I marked my previous two pencil drawings before attempting another one on the cintiq.I did a final correction based on (but not usind) the overlay. I suppose that's worth doing sometimes. It's a lot easier than trying to be accurate from scratch.

Squishy dogs coming soon, and then on to lesson 4.

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